My Holiday in Queensland

I am in queensland i am having lots of fun I have been doing alot of interesting things i have been to the footy Gold coast Suns VS Stkilda saints Gold coast loss !!! i have been to seaworld and Dream World I went on the log ride the dogem cars. I also went on the Giant drop The buzzsaw and the tower of terrer ll. They were scary but fun. i also bought lots of candy that was verry tasty.

Australia Day

On the 26 of January It is Australia Day. We celebrate Australia Day because it is the day Australia got found. My Family didn’t go any where we stayed home and watched the cricket and played tennis up the road with our friends. We had lots of fun.

Blogs I have enjoyed this year Classah Have really intersesting posts.  Joseph Has lots of posts they are very interesting.  Alex Has really great widgets.  Oliver Has a Awesome flag counter. luca has a awesome blog. If you like the xbox Gradys blog is the blog to go to. If you like call of duty jacob is the blog to go to.

Those are the blogs i have enjoyed visiting in 2011


For Christmas I got a I pod-Touch , A kangaroos gurnsey number 20, Cooking Books , A watch Lollies, Shorts, Thongs, Tattoos, T^ennis balls.
I had a wonderful christmas i was feeling not well on Christmas day.

Happy holidays

I hope You are having a nice holiday. I have been doing surf life saving playing cricket going to Adventure bay At Bruny island. What have you been doing this holidays i would love to know.

My Reflection Of 2011

This Year i have had a really interesting year and very fun.

1 I have been a Assembly Compare that is where you run Assembly and  announce all the item’s that are shared. 

2 I have also been In the school athletics carnival i came 3rd in all my races and first in my relay team. I was good enough to make it to the interschool carnival I came 1st in the division 2 for the 100 metre sprint. I also brought some money and I bought all the candy there!























100 word Challenge

One sunny bright morning I woke up and hopped out of bed. I went for a morning walk. I went to the park. I sat down and behind me were 2 shadows I was scared so I ran away. But they were still there. So I kept on running. I ran Home and got my football and tried to kick the ball at them it was a shocking kick it hit a tree and bounced back and hit me in the face. It knocked me over. Then I found out it was my Parent’s. How silly am I.