It is Summer here in Tasmania



It is Summer here in Tasmania  send me a comment about  season your country has now.

16 thoughts on “It is Summer here in Tasmania

  1. Hi Sam,

    It’s summer here in Arizona, USA. We just had a tornado warning. That doesn’t happen very often here at all. It’s been really hot here. Over 100 degrees F, which is in the 40s C. Right now it is 82 outside (28 C), but storming. How hot is it there? And how often do you get storms?


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  3. Hi Sam,

    I live in Singapore. We do not have 4 seasons here. It’s summer all year round with occasion rain, especially during November to January (during the monsoon season).

    The temperature ranges from 24 degree celsius to 32 degree celsius. It has been raining on and off for the past few days and I cannot for my swim.

    So, what are you doing since it’s summer now at your side?


  4. G’day Sam,
    Even though I am from Tasmania too, I am leaving this comment while travelling around USA – I am near Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

    You left a comment on the blogging challenge about a user avatar for the game; well you have uploaded a user avatar but it is extremely small. It is what you see when you leave a comment on a blog.

  5. Hi Sam!
    It’s autumn here in Portugal; we have been enjoying a very fine weather since Summer, but last week the rain started and temperatures dropped suddenly. My kids aren’t posting on our class blog yet, because I’m taking care of my father all the time after school, but I’ll tell my 6th grade boys to visit your new blog on sports.
    I’m following the adventurous travel of Miss W. across the United States with her companion Mr Devil; I think it’s like a dream made true.
    You really have a wonderful blog here!
    See you soon, Sam!

  6. Hello Sam, I live in CALI, my country is Colombia, South America. We don´t have seasons, all the year the weather is the same, summer with 28 oC and there some rains in april, may and november but with 20 – 28 oC. You can go to my blog, I have a blogroll with you.

  7. Hi Sam, I am a student from Canadian International School. (Hong Kong). I just ran into your blog and I guess I got you a new flag, Hong Kong! In Hong Kong, there are also 4 seasons, but there is no snow. I added your link to my blog, and I guess we should be Bloggin’ Buddies!

    P.S. I have 100 flags now on my Flagcounter! Visit my site to find out!

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