My Holiday in Queensland

I am in queensland i am having lots of fun I have been doing alot of interesting things i have been to the footy Gold coast Suns VS Stkilda saints Gold coast loss !!! i have been to seaworld and Dream World I went on the log ride the dogem cars. I also went on the Giant drop The buzzsaw and the tower of terrer ll. They were scary but fun. i also bought lots of candy that was verry tasty.

My Cricket

On the 31st of October 2011 I played My first Game of Cricket. In My Team I have 9 team mates their names are Carlin, Fletcher, Mathew, Jack, Ben, Sebastian, Dom and I. They are really nice friends we play really well together. The game started At 5:30 pm and we had a toss of the coin to see who would bat or field first. we batted in pairs the first 2 batsman where Jack and Giles they worked really well together you got 5 overs to score as many runs. After the 5 overs then another pair will go on the next pair was Ben and Fletcher They Went really well together. There partnership was 15 in 5 overs. Then the next batting Pair was Stephen and Sebastian They worked really well together Sebastian got the first 4 for the game and the crowed clapped And me. They got 12 for their partnership. The next Batting Pair was Dom and I when we walked on it was freaky But after a while it was just fine I took the first ball of our 5 overs i hit it along the ground and we scored 1 run and then it was Dom’s turn to bat and he hit it along the ground and we got another run And it is my turn to bat the Bowler bowled a spinner and i smashed it for 6 and the crowed went wiled (if you hit the ball for a 6 or a 4 you get to do the next hit) It was another Spinner so i chip it over the fielder head and it rolled for a 4 so i got to hit the next ball to And the bowler bowled a fast ball so i rolled it for 4 again the crowed went wiled again then Dom had to swap with a  batsman because if Dom Kept playing Mathew would not get a bat so they swapped.  The new bastman was called Mathew he hit a ball and we ran and got 1 run. and that was the innings. Jack bowled the first over and got no wickets and then i bowled the second over and bowled someone on my first ball on the second ball it was a good ball but did not get any one out. On my third ball and i got another person out. And i got a 2 wicket maden a maden is when you get people out and they dont get any runs in your over a over is 6 bowls and the it is the next persons bowl  the final score was  106  to 98  And my Team Won all my team mates went crazy. I was so happy to win my first cricket game.


One of the things i like Around the world is all the animals so here is some of my favourite animals.   

 There is a cat, A Dog, A Polar Bear, A dolphin, A seal, A Ginni Pig, A Horse, A pig, A duck

A bit About Me

Hello my name is Sam

1 I am 10 years old

2 I like playing Sports AFL,Cricket

3 I have no pets I have a brother and sister

4 I like going fishing

5 I like computer Games

6 I like going on Holidays to melbourne,Queensland

7 I like cooking